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Two Whalen in two different wow time-online

status: the leader of Iresearch: the leader of Delaney

The world of us

He is different from his two friends Jaeden and Archimonde, Whalen witnessed the evil of Iresearch in his illusion. So he led a small group of his followers escape from Agudan under the help of Luk,later called Delaney. At the end of Ogre Empire, Delaney came to Outland. At that time, the brute Ogre is not a threat to the Delaney and the Orc is still undeveloped. Jaeden determined to punish Whalen, so after knew Delaney hide in Draenor, he corrupted the Orcs and launched the comprehensive war to Delaney. The war ended with the failure of Delaney. After Shattrath token to Outland, Whalen with a part of his Delaney people stepped to the exiled journey again. However, their spacecraft Esoda fallen in Kalimdor for the bother of the Blood Elves. With the help of Allance, Delaney solved survival problem and conveniently joined the Alliance. Whalen even became the prince’s teacher in the later without require any wow gold.


In Shadowmoon Valley, Steel and Ner’zu against Delanor pressing hard and hard strategy,they attempted to destroy Carla. Whelan saw the fall of Carra Wave and Carla’s degradation in predicting. Ner’zu recklessly called Naruka to Shadowmoon Valley. Delaney and Carla is in danger. When everyone lost hope,Whelan passed his power and knowledge to the Iraqi while himself changed to holy light to pure Carla Wave.

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The player in World of Warcraft

In the tenth anniversary of World of Warcraft, the LFG made by Blizzard expressed their attention to the players and the player community. As an company with thousands of people, Blizzard indeed very attach importantce to the players’ oppinions.

‘Eph Stade has not in the game, where is he?’

—a wow player AKA ‘pretty hammer censors’

In 2010 BlizzCon, the creative chief Chris of Blizzard met the above question, which was from a young fans of Blizzard with a red shirt. After communicated with Buddha, Chris said ‘ he was not died in the dragon age ?’ The young red fans dismissed them with confident. Then Mason admitted his mistakes and promised that he will motify this problem. In the subsequent version of WOW, Eph as the represent of pretty hammer dwarf attended in the Three Hammer Meeting. To our surprise, the young red dwarf (the truth quite hammer censors) stood besides him.

When a game has millions of players,has millions of tasks,contents and official plots,WOW Gold will attract the players to pay attention to the game characters.

The media all over the world has reported the event that the pretty hammer censor appeared in Ironforge. Some of the medias praised it as ‘ the positive interaction between the players and development’. For ten years, WOW players have appeared their professional accomplishment more than once, and Blizzard is always feedbacking its own views timely and actively. So we could see this fascinating scene in the BlizzCon 2014.

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Why wildstar has not Design a Huge Inferno Against us in Dreanor?


First of all, Dreanor is the gathering place of the orcs and Deraney people historically, where have no relation with huge inferno. The history of huge inferno is beginning of eastern kingdoms. In TBC version, there also has no huge inferno in Outland.
Moreover, according to the development of plots, the previous Zandalar seems to have been eliminated. Even today, the number of the huge inferno in eastern kingdoms is very few.
Of course, the huge inferno is seemly not popular among the players. According to statistics, the popular race is tribal blood elves, undead, tauren and so on. The number of huge inferno is a bit more than Panda and Gobins. On the other hand, from 1960s to MOP version,wildstar gold is too long for the huge inferno time-line. Zandalar is originally friendly to the players. but in CTM version, they is betrayal to the players. in MOP version, those Zandalar was practically wiped out by the players. so Blizzard unwilling to redesigning the huge inferno.
There still have confusion about huge inferno. Since Blizzard won’t join the huge inferno to Draenor, why Vol’jin become the chief? To my opinion, one reason is that Vol’jin is a hot choice after the Galveston overturned. After all, he has played a main role in the war of against the brain-dead. The other reason is that Blizzard’s “balance theory”. Now that Blizzard do not let the huge inferno appear in Dreanor, so he designs a lot of huge in Orgerima.

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Wow Gold from grouping with other players (Need vs Greed)


Wow Gold from grouping with other players is another guide for you to be able to make friends and get into party. Today’s entry is about Need vs Greed in which will be discuss what to do when you’re already in a party and what to do with the wow items you’re getting during a dungeon raid. These things should be noted to avoid for your wow account on your character’s partymates getting annoyed at you and will still let you be in their party.

Need vs. Greed on wow gold and wow items
Whenever a wow items are being drop when you’re in a dungeon (as sample), there will be 2 choices BOE as in Bind on Equip and BOP as in Bind on Pickup. Bop items becomes soul bound or becoming to be not tradable. When you’re in a group, especially if the people you’re having a party with are all strangers, so giving the items you don’t need is the right thing to do for them to still let you into their party.

While items you get from the dungeons and your teammates gave you the items you can just sell it to the playerauctions house for cheap wow gold or just store it on your wow account.

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