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Death towards the Dorgeshuun!

Considering that the Lost Tribe quest many humans have visited the Dorgeshuun mines, but no cave goblin has yet were built with a tour from the surface. The Dorgeshuun Council fears that this H.A.M. group could possibly be planning another attack, as well as send a real estate agent for the surface to look into, and they are generally seeking an adventurer to act like a guide. RuneScape gold. Introduce your new Dorgeshuun friend to Lumbridge’s residents, silently take out guards, and foil those intending to bring Death on the Dorgeshuun!
If you’re able to save the town you may be rewarded with many Thieving and Ranging XP, as well as the Dorgeshuun will highlight ways to use the special attacks of two of the heightened weapons. Additionally , you will access a whole new a higher level the H.A.M. cave and steal larger rewards.
In other news…
The mighty Guthix has decreed the the years have come for his tears to present Construction xp to adventurers for whom it is their lowest skill, but as long as they own a family house.

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Death to the Dorgeshuun!

Since Lost Tribe quest many humans have visited the Dorgeshuun mines, but no cave  goblin has yet stood a tour from the surface. RuneScape gold. The Dorgeshuun Council fears  which the H.A.M. group could possibly be planning another attack, and also send a realtor on the  surface to look into, and they are generally looking for an adventurer to act being a guide.  Introduce your new Dorgeshuun friend to Lumbridge’s residents, silently sign up for  guards, and foil those likely to bring Death for the Dorgeshuun!
When you can save the location you can be rewarded with a few Thieving and Ranging XP, and  the Dorgeshuun will highlight ways to use the special attacks of two in their higher weapons. You’ll get access to a new higher level of the H.A.M. cave where one can steal larger rewards.
In other news…
The mighty Guthix has decreed which the the come for his tears to provide  Construction xp to adventurers to whom it truly is their lowest skill, but as long as they own  a property.

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Grab your Grave Golem WoW Pet by playing HotS

I guess you know by now that on June 2nd Heroes of the Storm was launched and everyone can now enjoy the game. For the wow players who reached level 100 in Azeroth, an unique mount will await you on HotS so you can get the WoW pet, the Grave Golem (Graves), with style.

All you have to do to add that pet to your pet collection in WoW is to reach level 20 in Heroes of the Storm.

Now, if you want to level up fast in Heroes of the Storm I’ll try to give you some tips:

Stimpacks are great, they will double your exp gains, but you have to buy them. At level 10 you’ll get a free 7 days stimpack for free. Don’t forget to use it.
Playing with friends reward you with 50% more exp. This is a great boost so you can talk with your Battlenet friends to help you out.
Quick match and VS games reward the most exp. Playing with friends here will be even more awesome.
Try winning the games. Winning will give you a lot more experience.
One more thing before heading into Heroes of the Storm: Enjoy the game even if you are a beginner for the MOBA genre. I leveled up with my friends and old guild mates and it was pretty cool.

Let me know how is the game working for you. Do you have any leveling tips for the beginners?

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How to Judge Who Is Really In-need While Giving Handouts in OSRS?

It is common in OSRS that players beg at GE for rs gold or other help. It seems good to help people out by offering little effort. However, a recent post on reddit shows that you may fall into scam when give a handout since some players would take advantage of your kindness to claim money. So how can you judge if the one who ask for items is really in-need?
Why players sometimes fall into scam?

It is no doubt that some players who ask for rs items or rs 2007 gold actually need others’ help to complete tasks. However, we don’t exclude that someone don’t really need it, but just want to claim something without working! According to the post on reddit, a player made a test and received many items from asking for handouts. It is worth mentioning that when wears a good gear; he collected 25 Dragon scimitars in about 2 hours, while it took approximately 4 hours to get only 15 scimitars without any gear, so why this happened?

Here RS3gold would like to give a conclusion about possible reasons based on some players’ opinions. Firstly, it is a kind of psychological hint- if a man who wears good gear asks for help; the fact should be that he just really needs help, because it is impossible for a rich man to make scam for such little value. Secondly, some players believed that if they give a rich man help when he needs, he will give them something more valuable in return. Thus, some would take advantage of this psychological hint to claim others’ wealth and so the scam works.

How to make your handouts be worthwhile?

From above, we can see that it is easy to fall into scam when give a handout. It seems that the best way to avoid being scammed is never give handout, but sometimes, players just want to help in-need people within their available abilities. So how to avoid scam when give a handout and make your effort be worthwhile?

1. Judge if the man is really in-need. That is to say, do your research on the player you’re giving to first. A stat lookup is always helpful.
2. Try to help low lvl players or new players, who would be more urgent in need. Although sometimes high lvl players need help, they can actually make some effort to earn by themselves.
3. Better to teach a man to fish, than to just give him one. So give them tips about how to earn money or how to complete a task if possible.

Generally, it really needs much work to judge who is in need, so just be careful when you decide to give a handout Anyway, it is meaningful to give a handout, which may be small effort for you, but really great help for others! To help others or smooth your game experience, welcome to RS3 gold for cheap osrs gold with fast delivery!

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Runescape players will become the victims Swattingt

A Runescape player is in the last week became the latest vicim of the so-called “Swattings” – while he watched just 60,000 people on Twitch.
A SWAT team paid a 27-year-old Joshua Peters from Minnesota last Thursday from a visit after the police received a call earlier. According to Peters its 10-year-old brother opened the door, then where weapons were pointed at him.
In the video below you can see his reaction to it, logically, with total incomprehension, especially in this manner also lives at risk.
“I do not give a shit what you have against me or what I did to you. For this, I just have no words. If you have a problem with me, then just leave it with me and not pull in any way my family into it. They do not deserve. ”
Compared with ABC News, he stated that he was not sure who these false-actuated call or why. Now he is working with the authorities to make those responsible identified.
In Las Vegas, meanwhile, the 19-year-old Brandon “Famed God” Wilson was arrested – he is thrown among other things, to have last July, made a Swatting-call time, he reported to the police apparently a murder, after a SWAT team was deployed. . Later, the whole set as a “prank call” out funny but it is not really something.
On his computers were according to the authorities found evidence, but also for “similar incidents across the country,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times (via Ars Technica).
Wilson is also accused of computer manipulation, threats and identity theft. He faces up to five years in prison.

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