I guess you know by now that on June 2nd Heroes of the Storm was launched and everyone can now enjoy the game. For the wow players who reached level 100 in Azeroth, an unique mount will await you on HotS so you can get the WoW pet, the Grave Golem (Graves), with style.

All you have to do to add that pet to your pet collection in WoW is to reach level 20 in Heroes of the Storm.

Now, if you want to level up fast in Heroes of the Storm I’ll try to give you some tips:

Stimpacks are great, they will double your exp gains, but you have to buy them. At level 10 you’ll get a free 7 days stimpack for free. Don’t forget to use it.
Playing with friends reward you with 50% more exp. This is a great boost so you can talk with your Battlenet friends to help you out.
Quick match and VS games reward the most exp. Playing with friends here will be even more awesome.
Try winning the games. Winning will give you a lot more experience.
One more thing before heading into Heroes of the Storm: Enjoy the game even if you are a beginner for the MOBA genre. I leveled up with my friends and old guild mates and it was pretty cool.

Let me know how is the game working for you. Do you have any leveling tips for the beginners?

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