Muradin was the dwarven ambassador to Lordaeron, brother to King Magni Bronzebeard and a great favorite at court for his jovial, no- nonsense approach to everything from fine ale and pastries to matters of state. He had a reputation as an excellent warrior as well, cunning and fierce in battle.

Bigpoint, the world’s leading online game developers and publishers, heavy artillery today reveal exclusive details – five player classes in the upcoming blockbuster Merc elite second. The world’s first military-themed game MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is to set up a free-to-play browser’s title in 2013, introduced in the fall. Click the link below in the game trailer weight gunmen sneak peak:

The Heavy Gunner – locking and unloading
The heavy gunner are the unsung heroes of any units. His main responsibility is to provide cover for his fellow mercenaries. Team members are not the most flexible, heavy gunner is essential when it comes to maintaining the rule of capture points. His skills allow him to prepare a defensive position with his “boundary mine” skills need cover from afar, and release a hail of bullets and any attempt to break through the defense. Included in his arsenal is the elite skill “shock RPG”, which release a powerful rocket and “rocket barrage”, which has four missiles explode once the target.

Sub Category: Custom slugger
As is the case every elite class of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the user will have the opportunity to further develop their heavy gunmen breadth. Through the accumulation of experience and the total amount to 8 layers of various characters, additional array of dedicated mercenary can unlock powerful skills, because they have made further progress in the game.

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