In the tenth anniversary of World of Warcraft, the LFG made by Blizzard expressed their attention to the players and the player community. As an company with thousands of people, Blizzard indeed very attach importantce to the players’ oppinions.

‘Eph Stade has not in the game, where is he?’

—a wow player AKA ‘pretty hammer censors’

In 2010 BlizzCon, the creative chief Chris of Blizzard met the above question, which was from a young fans of Blizzard with a red shirt. After communicated with Buddha, Chris said ‘ he was not died in the dragon age ?’ The young red fans dismissed them with confident. Then Mason admitted his mistakes and promised that he will motify this problem. In the subsequent version of WOW, Eph as the represent of pretty hammer dwarf attended in the Three Hammer Meeting. To our surprise, the young red dwarf (the truth quite hammer censors) stood besides him.

When a game has millions of players,has millions of tasks,contents and official plots,WOW Gold will attract the players to pay attention to the game characters.

The media all over the world has reported the event that the pretty hammer censor appeared in Ironforge. Some of the medias praised it as ‘ the positive interaction between the players and development’. For ten years, WOW players have appeared their professional accomplishment more than once, and Blizzard is always feedbacking its own views timely and actively. So we could see this fascinating scene in the BlizzCon 2014.

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