What a wonderful and surprising world cup this is proving to be. Wonderful games, many controversies, incompetent referees sent home, disappointed teams bow out gracefully and South Africa is still a world class world cup host country. Viva!

So we are marching en route to the final on July 11 th 2010. Now I am beginning to feel sorry for the losing teams. Take the case of Japan where one player caused the downfall of his team with a missed penalty. Then there was the sad loss suffered by the Portuguese team.

So we will have Brazil taking on the Netherlands. I will be rooting for the Netherlands. I think that it is their time for glory. The Netherlands will have to play wide and push long shots into the Brazilian penalty area, non stop. The Brazilians will continue to mesmerize their opponents with their dazzling, trademark, soccer samba.

As an African I am confident that Ghana will take out Uruguay. The game between Germany and Argentina will look like a no contest with Argentina stretching the Germans. However, the youthful German will prevail in the end. Paraguay will defeat Spain.

So then my semi finalists will be Netherlands versus Ghana and Germany versus Spain. Although I know that it will be a Netherlands Germany final, I am secretly hoping for a Ghana Germany final with Ghana being crowned 2010 world cup champions. Viva!

Sepp Blatter’s apology is accepted by us soccer fanatics. However, the technology should be used for the qualifying rounds as well and not just for the world cup in Brazil in 2014. Also, it should be used for all infringements. There are enough masterminds around to sort out possible glitches. It is better than teams feeling cheated by human error.

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