If you’re crafting, you’re probably salvaging. With some exceptions for some special rares – usually ones with special skins – and exotics, an equipment drop is usually worth more to you for the mats salvaging it will yield than what you can sell it for on the Black Lion Trading Company.

And if you’re salvaging, you probably end up with a lot of sigils and runes.

Do not dump these into the Forge!

When you’re trying to build up your gold supply, you shouldn’t be playing games with your gold. There are lots of ways you might be losing money in Guild Wars 2: Dumping minor items into the Forge is one of main ones.

Sigils and runes sell for 3 to 8 silver. Does that seem like chump change? It is until you start thinking about how chump change adds up. If you’re playing the game, regularly, you probably get a dozen or so greens and one or two yellow drops every day. That means you get some minor runes and sigils, plus usually a major rune or sigil every day.

A lot of people just dump these kinds of things into the forge, hoping they’ll get traveler runes or something back. That’s one reason the price on major runes is so high: people buy them in bulk to dump into the Forge.

You already know the Forge is for chumps. Don’t be a chump. Getting a major rune or sigil every day adds up. That’s an extra 5 silver on average in your pocket, which means another gold piece every 20 days. It seems like chump change, but the chumps are the ones tossing their money into the Mystic Slot Machine.

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