Wizards game franchise acclaimed creators, CD Projekt Red, today announced the first public display in the upcoming Gwent County: shaman Card Game this year’s exhibition games in Cologne in Cologne, Germany hit.

Made famous mini-game wizard 3, Gwent gives players the opportunity to clash with friends and players from around the world of fast-paced, in-depth along the deck structure is based on a fight card, unique and best 3 mechanic a wide range of units, special abilities and spells.

“Gwent was made because of the incredible work of the wizarding world – the message we received tons, tons to do a stand-alone version happen, and now we finally have the opportunity to show to the public for the first time Gwent Cologne Game Show have the opportunity to those. let us thank the players for special events they personally support one. So, we’ll be happy to chat with you in Cologne, Gwent hear your thoughts, and how to play the game to get your direct feedback. ”
Marcin Momot, coordinated advanced social media and social
Those who participated in this year’s game show in Cologne activity can access to entertainment areas, get their hands Gwent booth B-053 between August 17 and 21: wizard card game. When it is released Gwent: wizard card game will be available on Xbox One, 4 consoles and PC.

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