A Runescape player is in the last week became the latest vicim of the so-called “Swattings” – while he watched just 60,000 people on Twitch.
A SWAT team paid a 27-year-old Joshua Peters from Minnesota last Thursday from a visit after the police received a call earlier. According to Peters its 10-year-old brother opened the door, then where weapons were pointed at him.
In the video below you can see his reaction to it, logically, with total incomprehension, especially in this manner also lives at risk.
“I do not give a shit what you have against me or what I did to you. For this, I just have no words. If you have a problem with me, then just leave it with me and not pull in any way my family into it. They do not deserve. ”
Compared with ABC News, he stated that he was not sure who these false-actuated call or why. Now he is working with the authorities to make those responsible identified.
In Las Vegas, meanwhile, the 19-year-old Brandon “Famed God” Wilson was arrested – he is thrown among other things, to have last July, made a Swatting-call time, he reported to the police apparently a murder, after a SWAT team was deployed. . Later, the whole set as a “prank call” out funny but it is not really something.
On his computers were according to the authorities found evidence, but also for “similar incidents across the country,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times (via Ars Technica).
Wilson is also accused of computer manipulation, threats and identity theft. He faces up to five years in prison.

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