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Gwent: wizard card game will play the role of game show in Cologne

Wizards game franchise acclaimed creators, CD Projekt Red, today announced the first public display in the upcoming Gwent County: shaman Card Game this year’s exhibition games in Cologne in Cologne, Germany hit.

Made famous mini-game wizard 3, Gwent gives players the opportunity to clash with friends and players from around the world of fast-paced, in-depth along the deck structure is based on a fight card, unique and best 3 mechanic a wide range of units, special abilities and spells.

“Gwent was made because of the incredible work of the wizarding world – the message we received tons, tons to do a stand-alone version happen, and now we finally have the opportunity to show to the public for the first time Gwent Cologne Game Show have the opportunity to those. let us thank the players for special events they personally support one. So, we’ll be happy to chat with you in Cologne, Gwent hear your thoughts, and how to play the game to get your direct feedback. ”
Marcin Momot, coordinated advanced social media and social
Those who participated in this year’s game show in Cologne activity can access to entertainment areas, get their hands Gwent booth B-053 between August 17 and 21: wizard card game. When it is released Gwent: wizard card game will be available on Xbox One, 4 consoles and PC.

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Gotten Gains Update Part 2 Arriving Next Week For Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games are excited to reveal that the second installment in the Ill-Gotten Gains update is expected to arrive next week on Wednesday, July 8th, introducing another exciting batch of new content to Grand Theft Auto Online. The new collection of content features extravagant attire, high class transportation, brand new weaponry and the introduction of the radio station, “The Lab”, that was previously only available on the PC platform.

Petrol heads will be happy to see the addition of two brand new vehicles with the stylish Coil Brawler, a vehicle that excels on every terrain whether that be the sidewalks of Vinewood Boulevard or the hills of the San Chianski Mountain Range. Fans of the 2 wheeled variety can look forward to the opportunity to pick up a stunning Dinka Vindicator while fans of ocean getaways can invest in new addition to their personal harbor.

The team have promised to release more details in the coming week including particulars on the next Social Club Event kicking off for Ill-Gotten Gains Part II on Friday, July 10th. They also announced an opportunity for fans that missed last years Independence Day Special event to snatch up some old favorites as they return at a reduced rate.


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Enter The World Of Fishing With European Closed Beta

The world of angling like you’ve never seen it before as developer MasangSoft and publisher gameXcite are proud to announce the immediate launch of the European Closed Beta event for the free-to-play fishing MMO, World of Fishing. Fans can expect a gentle blend of classic & traditional MMO features alongside realistic fishing simulation mechanics wrapped in an impressive 3D environment.

Beginning today, June 29th, European players will have the first opportunity to wet their feet in the World of Fishing, promising an exciting and engaging experience for angling enthusiasts and MMO gamers alike. The Closed Beta event sweetens the deal for those with access keys as the team promise an exclusive welcome gift pack for those aiding with the development process, with the gift expected to arrive around the commercial launch window.

World of Fishing is a full-fledged MMO experience that combines exciting quests, in-depth character development and impressive customization options with the thrill of the hunt as players being their journey with a small boat and basic equipment – eventually working their talents up to tackle big game like tuna and sharks. Dynamic real-time “battles” with a staggering array of species are available, with complex AI that promises to challenge anglers of all experience levels.

For more information check out the official website.


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