The mare, her normally white coat gray with sweat, rolled her eyes and whickered. Prince Arthas Menethil, only son to King Terenas Menethil II, one day to rule the kingdom of Lordaeron, held fast to the bridle and murmured soothingly.

Heroes and generals of the next update, code-named Vasilevsky, does not introduce any major new elements of the game, but instead is to upgrade the quality of life, thereby improving performance and adjust the recently introduced game elements.

Map New advances airport, in the last update launch, get several versions based on data analysis and user feedback, and melee mechanic has received another pass, making it easier to quietly deal with your enemies in the brain Rear. But what is a good game, if it is not pretty? Or, if it’s nice, but the operation is not good? As the video says, Reto – Motorola has “plow through visual effects library” to make some changes to the explosion in order to improve performance and visual feedback of the players.

For strategy game, stormtroopers now have a morale score, thereby reducing the time each team into battle, a new badge general. You can read about heroes and generals Forum comprehensive update instructions.

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