It is common in OSRS that players beg at GE for rs gold or other help. It seems good to help people out by offering little effort. However, a recent post on reddit shows that you may fall into scam when give a handout since some players would take advantage of your kindness to claim money. So how can you judge if the one who ask for items is really in-need?
Why players sometimes fall into scam?

It is no doubt that some players who ask for rs items or rs 2007 gold actually need others’ help to complete tasks. However, we don’t exclude that someone don’t really need it, but just want to claim something without working! According to the post on reddit, a player made a test and received many items from asking for handouts. It is worth mentioning that when wears a good gear; he collected 25 Dragon scimitars in about 2 hours, while it took approximately 4 hours to get only 15 scimitars without any gear, so why this happened?

Here RS3gold would like to give a conclusion about possible reasons based on some players’ opinions. Firstly, it is a kind of psychological hint- if a man who wears good gear asks for help; the fact should be that he just really needs help, because it is impossible for a rich man to make scam for such little value. Secondly, some players believed that if they give a rich man help when he needs, he will give them something more valuable in return. Thus, some would take advantage of this psychological hint to claim others’ wealth and so the scam works.

How to make your handouts be worthwhile?

From above, we can see that it is easy to fall into scam when give a handout. It seems that the best way to avoid being scammed is never give handout, but sometimes, players just want to help in-need people within their available abilities. So how to avoid scam when give a handout and make your effort be worthwhile?

1. Judge if the man is really in-need. That is to say, do your research on the player you’re giving to first. A stat lookup is always helpful.
2. Try to help low lvl players or new players, who would be more urgent in need. Although sometimes high lvl players need help, they can actually make some effort to earn by themselves.
3. Better to teach a man to fish, than to just give him one. So give them tips about how to earn money or how to complete a task if possible.

Generally, it really needs much work to judge who is in need, so just be careful when you decide to give a handout Anyway, it is meaningful to give a handout, which may be small effort for you, but really great help for others! To help others or smooth your game experience, welcome to RS3 gold for cheap osrs gold with fast delivery!

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