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Why wildstar has not Design a Huge Inferno Against us in Dreanor?


First of all, Dreanor is the gathering place of the orcs and Deraney people historically, where have no relation with huge inferno. The history of huge inferno is beginning of eastern kingdoms. In TBC version, there also has no huge inferno in Outland.
Moreover, according to the development of plots, the previous Zandalar seems to have been eliminated. Even today, the number of the huge inferno in eastern kingdoms is very few.
Of course, the huge inferno is seemly not popular among the players. According to statistics, the popular race is tribal blood elves, undead, tauren and so on. The number of huge inferno is a bit more than Panda and Gobins. On the other hand, from 1960s to MOP version,wildstar gold is too long for the huge inferno time-line. Zandalar is originally friendly to the players. but in CTM version, they is betrayal to the players. in MOP version, those Zandalar was practically wiped out by the players. so Blizzard unwilling to redesigning the huge inferno.
There still have confusion about huge inferno. Since Blizzard won’t join the huge inferno to Draenor, why Vol’jin become the chief? To my opinion, one reason is that Vol’jin is a hot choice after the Galveston overturned. After all, he has played a main role in the war of against the brain-dead. The other reason is that Blizzard’s “balance theory”. Now that Blizzard do not let the huge inferno appear in Dreanor, so he designs a lot of huge in Orgerima.

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